Nov 03 2012

Bread and Bread Pudding

Since leaving England, I have had a constant craving for my mum’s bread pudding. It is not the Bread and Butter pudding that will immediately come to your mind. This is like a heavy, wetter cake. I finally found a recipe at Traditional English Puddings. Believe me, I started salivating the minute I saw the recipe LOL. Found some day old bread in the local store. Stale bread is required for this recipe. I left the loaf on my counter. One day went by – bread still wasn’t feeling stale. Two days… Three days…. Four days…. bread still wasn’t going stale. Odd???? On the fifth day it went mouldy. It got me wondering why bread doesn’t seem to go stale these days. Having done some research I realise that store brought bread has so many preservatives/additives that it no longer goes hard and stale like bread used to do. It WILL go mouldy eventually – -  and some take forever to even do that – -  but the bread doesn’t go stale. That is a huge concern to me so I am now making my own bread again. I do not want to feed my son additives from a staple food item – BREAD.  It makes me rather mad to know when I feed my son a healthy whole grain bread, I am also feeding him chemicals. Money is so important these days. Companies want bread to last longer on the shelf so that comes before health. No wonder so many kids have ADHD these days………………..


Jun 05 2012

Garden Time

No sooner does the snow melt than the weather becomes almost summer. We have much higher than normal temperatures which made us the hottest place in Canada last Wednesday. I have put my crocheting to one side for a while and have been doing a lot of gardening. Grew most of the seedlings myself this year. Have two plots in the Hay River Community Garden. This week I planted peas, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes and onions.

Not had many deliveries of crochet patterns recently. Looking to find some new independant designers – self publishers. Always looking to support indie designers. If you design yourself and would like us to offer your patterns for sale, let us know.

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